Biodynamic Myofacial Remedial Massage & Traditional Head Massage

Quick Info:

From someone who loves receiving massages, the type that permeates through all the layers of our body, my massages are an experience! That feeling you get when your pains and the niggling joint aches have been met, listened to and seen in a way that can allow space for a lasting resolution of your ailments. 
The myofascial releases coupled with various techniques bring about a deeply relaxed state from which the capacity to heal is more receptive. The session has the ability to create the deep moments of expansion and mental serenity of a bliss state. 
Beneficial for variety of conditions such as muscular tension, strains, impinged nerve, improving joint flexibility, muscle tone, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, eyes strain, stress related disorders, aids digestion, circulation and encourages natural healing by increasing the flow of lymph.


“The single best massage I’ve ever had in my life, but so much more than a massage. I was anxious and stressed when I visited Bharti, but walked out of my session with her feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally renewed.”

– Neil F.

“Bharti is the best massage therapist I have seen. She is very intuitive, very thorough and powerful, her massages are a very special experience.”

– Luisa C.

“Bharti’s healing hands surpass all others. She is a fireball of energy who puts her mind, body and spirit into each session. Whether your ailment is physical or emotional, her unique massage/treatments will revitalize and bring you to a new level of body awareness.”

– C. Belhasine

“My massage with Bharti was like nothing before. She managed to get to the knots and tension points that I had long since given up on ever releasing and you feel totally confident and comfortable in her hands. How can someone so tiny be so powerful!”

– Nadine N.


The Groby Yurt

All therapies are held inside the beautiful 16ft Groby Yurt, a truly unique and powerful experience. 

Begin Your Healing Journey

Free yourself from the prognosis of your conditions, let’s see what’s possible and open up to your health potential.