Ear Candling & Indian Head Massage

Quick Info:

Why ear candling?  Because it feels good. Ear candling is a safe and gentle method to cleansing the ear canal.  It is used to relieve  conditions of the head and ear area such as sinuses, hearing, tinnitus, hay fever, rhinitis, colds, tension headaches, travel sickness, before a flight, jet-lag, snoring and much more.  It may also improve earaches, often caused by mucous blown into the ear from the eustachian tube; candling often releases this fluid pressure and thus reduces the pain. During the ear candling session, you will feel the candle being carefully inserted into your ear. You may hear some crackling and popping, the warmth of the candle creates a gentle vacuum, which in turn softens the wax and pulls the excessive wax into the candle.

This lovely therapy has been used by many cultures since ancient times as a form of ritual to draw out impurities and blockages within the body. 

The ear candling takes approximately 30mins of the 1 hour session.  The blissful Indian head massage is included in the remainder of the session.

The aim of the session is to leave you clear headed, promoting a feeling of deep relaxation and mental serenity.  

The Groby Yurt

All therapies are held inside the beautiful 16ft Groby Yurt, a truly unique and powerful experience. 


“A totally wonderful experience, very therapeutic even though I didn’t think I needed it.”
– Dr Karen D.

“Bharti’s range of skills makes for a unique experience. Just wonderful.”
– Ruth S.


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