Back From Holidays

Gosh, time is going quick! It’s already over 4 wks since I got back from my surprisingly sunny UK trip. On a family holiday in Greece I walked in on my dad doing a ….. Head Stand.  Yup on the light apartment mattress, the fast walking his legs type of head stand, arms outstretched, the type that scares most body workers (wish I had recorded it!) Not bad for someone in his mid 70s. Makes you wonder how big a part our environment,  emotional conditions and lifestyle choices are connected to our physical ailments and also our physical well-being.

I am very lucky to have my parents ayurveda/yogic influences in my life. In Ayurveda there is a saying that your Agni – the fire in your belly is the most important indicator of your health – your emotional and physical well being is depended on it – most diseases have it’s beginnings in your digestive system. Any type of stress has a tendency to automatically affect you in your gut which can than lead to other ailments. So let’s not mess with our Agni, our fire, and treat it with the respect it deserves!

On a different topic, just want to say how great it was to fly with Singapore Airlines. I love Singapore Airport, the 6 hr wait flew by, swimming on the roof top spa, the free feet and calf massage machines along the terminal, the friendly customs staff. The great world movie choices on the plane, even Bollywood.  Sorry for making the people around me jump, just after take off.  I started to watch a thriller with Samuel Jackson –  I forgot where I was and gave out a scream and jumped up – not a good look on a plane!!!!

Any hoo, I am back in the flow of things, working intuitively on clients, bringing in my knowledge from various therapies and aiming to work with the therapy your body resonates with most. 

Love B xx